to the internetportfolio of Soenke Bruhn. Born 1979 in the northern part of germany. I grew up in Kiel, where I still live right now. I am into Skateboarding for about 14 years now, and I started taking photos in 2003. My equipment at the moment consists of Nikon and Bronica Cameras with diverse optical lenses, Quantum/Metz Flashes and lots more. My clients say I’m very easy going, very friendly and easy to get along with and never pushy. I’m very comfortable with a camera in my hands and have the ability to make clients just as comfortable in front of the camera. I take pride in my ability to listen and „hear“ what their needs are, and I deliver.
I do enjoy other forms of photography such as special events sports, and travel. I truly believe that these different experiences are invaluable when it comes to capturing those very special life moments for my clients.
When I am working with a client, I understand the importance of achieving the client’s vision and also delivering the final product within a reasonable time.

so enjoy!!!